Lease Options Course
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KING of Lease Options
I'm John Jackson, the founder of, The KING of Lease Options. is the fastest growing company of its kind that focuses specifically on lease options. Years ago, we set out to develop the complete lease option program to help people who were unable to obtain financing to acquire homes. What we ended up developing was a complete, turn-key system that not only helps people, but also produces a very nice six-figure income. In fact, a couple of years ago, we started selling franchises for our company to open in other cities. But what we found was that the demand for our program was so high, we couldn't train the licensees fast enough. We needed a faster, more efficient way to get our program to other areas.

This is where YOU get to benefit, because now I am offering small group training to people that want to take advantage of the down market and utilize our program to start their very own real estate business without having to pay a franchise fee. We have everything in place for you already. All you have to do is have the initiative to own your own company, work the system, and create a very nice income for you and your family.
The Lease Option System
The Lease Option System is a complete business-in-a-box system. This is as close as it gets to owning a franchise fee or royalties. Graduates of the training get complete access to everything that Leasing to Buy utilizes in its everyday operations including:
* Our Contracts
* Business structure
* Operations Manual
*Marketing contacts and development
*Training on the software we utilize
*Web developers
*Credit improvement
*Lending guidelines
*Lessons learned from over 15 years of experience

$3,500 Value
ONLY $997!
The goal of is to help people who want to help others, own their own company, work in real estate, and also produce financial stability for their own families. If you are ready to take the next step to working for yourself and you desire the convenience of a turn-key system, then look no further. I look forward to helping you launch your new business!
Lease Options Course